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I'm so glad you found me!  

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Ms. Murphy's Makeover,

"a funny, yet poignant tale of betrayal, resilience, and second chances"  

starring Charlotte Murphy, a trusting wife, loving mother, and dedicated high-school English teacher.  She suspects that her husband is cheating when he loses his wedding ring.  

Charlotte's story alternates with first-person commentary from her student and close observer, Valerie Martin. Valerie, a serious student, faces not being able to graduate due to allegedly forged scores. Meanwhile, Charlotte's life is complicated by romantic attention from the school's dean, who has a hidden agenda. Whom can she trust?  



 No, this isn't me.

No, this isn't me.

Jacqueline Goldstein here!


  Here I am.   Guess what just happened to Charlotte? Read on! 

Here I am. Guess what just happened to Charlotte? Read on! 

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Thank you so much for stopping by!  I'm Jacqueline Grandsire Goldstein, but most people call me Jackie - or Jacqui - pronounced the same way, of course.  I was born in the Bronx, New York, where I taught high school English. My novel, MS. MURPHY'S MAKEOVER,  is about a teacher who undergoes a sea change after a cosmetic makeover. Of course I had to research the experience! See "Ms. Jacqui"s Makeover in my blog, Tomorrow Beckons. 

 Author Jacqueline Goldstein

Author Jacqueline Goldstein