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"Authentic, humorous, and tender, in her big-hearted debut, Jacqueline Goldstein's Ms. Murphy's Makeover will open your mind as it warms your heart."  - Sally Koslow, author of Another Side of Paradise.

"I love this book. I must warn readers: It will haunt you in the way only a story as courageous as Ms. Murphy's Makeover can."  Patricia Dunn, Director of The Writing Institute at Sarah Lawrence College and author of Rebels by Accident

"A  funny, yet poignant tale of betrayal, resilience, and second chances" -  Marian Thurm, author of  Today is Not Your Day


Jacqueline Grandsire Goldstein was born in the Bronx, New York and graduated from Fordham University with a BA in English and an MAT in English Education.  Ms. Murphy's Makeover reflects her experience as an urban teacher as well as a suburban wife and mother. Turn to the ABOUT page to hear her read from MS. MURPHY'S MAKEOVER at Sarah Lawrence College.








Jacqueline preparing for an event at the North Castle Public Library, in Armonk, NY.  More about libraries in BLOG


1.     Charlotte Murphy:   Suburban wife, thirty-eight-year-old mother of teenagers, and English teacher in a Bronx high school.  A petite redhead, she dresses quietly in gray at her husband’s insistence.   Nevertheless, construction workers whistle at her.

2.     Theodore Lagakis:   Charlotte’s most disliked colleague, he is a former police officer turned teacher. Tall, burly, and far from handsome, he looks more like a bouncer in some seedy club than a fellow teacher. Except when he smiles, showing deep dimples.  

3. Valerie Martin: Everyone’s favorite character, she is a cosmetology student who excels in in Charlotte’s English class.  Loves the color purple. Her journal entries reveal a teenager’s view of growing up with a strict grandmother and drug addicted mother.