Welcome readers! Thank you so much for stopping by. I’m Jacqueline, but most people call me Jackie.
Since this is the “about” page – I’ll tell you a little about myself.   As Jacqueline Grandsire, I grew up on Hughes Avenue, very close to Arthur Avenue,  in the Bronx. After graduating from nearby Fordham University, I became teacher of high school English in the same Bronx neighborhood. I’m lucky enough to have a wonderful husband and two terrific daughters.
But enough about me!  I’d rather tell you about my book,  MS.MURPHY’S MAKEOVER.  It is the story of a teacher who undergoes a sea change after a cosmetic makeover.  Of course I had to experience a makeover too! Research!  That is why you can see me at my best in the picture above.  Alas, I don’t usually look so put together. To learn more about this, read “Ms. Jacqui’s Makeover”  in www.tomorrowbeckons.wordpress.com
When Black Opal Books bought MS. MURPHY’S MAKEOVER, I proudly added AUTHOR to my resume. You can find out more about this wonderful press  at http://blackopalbooks.com  Here I am at the launch, which took place at the Writing Institute at Sarah Lawrence College, where my book was born.
The often maligned borough of the Bronx is the setting for my debut novel, Ms. Murphy’s Makeover, a story about a teacher stuck in a sexless marriage. Her  life is complicated by phony scores on standardized tests, an overbearing principal, and a tempting offer from Mr. Wrong.  I hope you will read it, and let me know  what you think of the characters, especially the students who give their teacher a life-changing makeover.   These characters live in my heart.  I can’t let them go. In fact, I am  working on a sequel. I’m proud to post  these kudos the book received from well known and successful authors. And I hope you’ll read the reviews on Amazon.com.  It was a thrill to realize not only that people were buying my book, they were reading and enjoying it too!
“Authentic, humorous, and tender, in her big-hearted debut, Jacqueline Goldstein’s Ms. Murphy’s Makeover will open your mind as it warms your heart.” -Sally Koslow, author of The Widow Waltz.
“I love this book. I must warn readers: It will haunt you in the way only a story as courageous as Ms. Murphy’s Makeover can.” – “Patricia Dunn, author of Rebels by Accident.